I'm twenty-something, I'm a girl and I'm from Balkans. I'd like to become a stripper, but I'll probably end up as a writer. Obviously, this is my collection of everything exhibitionistic, erotic, romantic, theatrical and brooding that I like. Oh, and I'm a Water sign, which is precisely why I reblog quotes that make me sound like a crybaby. So, go on, scroll the page, enjoy the show - or don't, the choice is all yours. It's cute, it's lusty, it's feminine and its name is The Phantasmagoria Blues.

Marlon Brando, Maria Schneider in Last Tango in Paris, 1972

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The impossible cool

another little doodle that kinda goes with this drawing from a little while back! I get the urge to draw these kinds of things at random, mainly when I’m faced with misogynistic stuff and ughh it makes me really mad but I guess this is a good way to channel it! this was kinda spontaneous but tbh I feel strongly about it because wayyy too many girls/feminine people get treated like little children because somehow liking feminine things equal being a helpless adorable little kid?? which is just a ridiculous mindset so yeah u_u
also I’m just waiting for someone to snap at me because “promoting violence is just as bad as misogyny!!!!!!” etc but what can I say the only thing that got even remotely hurt in the making of this drawing was my wrist so it’s not that bad =7=/

pa na kraju svega skontam da je ona zavidna klinka iz nekog prošlog vremena koja je sve radila da me ponizi pred drugima i uvjeri me u svoju nadmoć ista ova sadašnja spodoba koja bi mi najradije uništila karijeru, a sve to jer nema ni minimum mojih sposobnosti. to su ljudi koji si uobražavaju da su pobijedili jer su formalno uzeli neki tvoj komad kolača. maknuli te sa svjetla pozornice, kao. loše je za njih što su previše jebeno glupi da bi shvaćali, oprostibože na metafori, što ponekad može izroniti iz mraka. 



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