I'm twenty-something, I'm a girl and I'm from Balkans. I'd like to become a stripper, but I'll probably end up as a writer. Obviously, this is my collection of everything exhibitionistic, erotic, romantic, theatrical and brooding that I like. Oh, and I'm a Water sign, which is precisely why I reblog quotes that make me sound like a crybaby. So, go on, scroll the page, enjoy the show - or don't, the choice is all yours. It's cute, it's lusty, it's feminine and its name is The Phantasmagoria Blues.
each man kills the thing he loves.
Barbara Palvin rocking the mermaid look.

I’m going to devour you in ways you’ve not ever imagined…

relationship goals

I made this transparent version of 'I Don't Only Have Glitter In My Veins' for a project with thepulpzine and katenash. I couldn’t face not putting it on my blog because it looks too cute against the background! 

left behind ,
by aman dhingra